earthwise rototiller

Earthwise TC70001 Garden Rototiller.

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Well the Earthwise Garden Rototiller seems to be a pretty popular choice. For those that have purchased and used it 85% gave it a five rating while 11% gave it a four which means that an impressive 96% were happy with its performance.

Most users were impressed with the price with some people saying the amps to dollar ratio when compared with other electric rototillers on the market was excellent.

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troybilt gas rototiller

Troy-Bilt TB144 Gas Garden Rototiller

Best Garden Rototillers Reviews
Well unfortunately judging from the various reviews we looked at the Troy-Bilt gas garden rototillerr was not high in the popularity stakes. Only 41% gave it a 5 rating and only a balance of 13% gave it a rating of 4. Interestingly, 39% gave it a rating of 1 so what is the problem?

It is unusual to find half the people finding it very good and half the people finding it very bad with no middle ground.

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mantis gas rototiller

Mantis 7225-00-02 2-Cycle Garden Rototiller

Garden Rototillers Reviews
The Mantis gas garden rototiller seems to be generally popular with 63% of users giving it a 5 rating and 13% giving it a rating of 4. So this means 76% appeared to be happy with their purchase, leaving a bit less than a quarter of users a bit luke warm.

This model Mantis gas garden rototiller has won the “Consumers Digest Best Buy” award so it must have something going for it. Quite often we find in these reviews that because people haven’t read the manual, or are using the product in a way that surpasses its operational ability, they blame the product and give it a poor rating. This is not always the case, obviously, but it is surprisingly common.

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black and decker rototiller

Black and Decker LGC120 Cordless Garden Rototiller

Rototillers Reviews
The Black and Decker garden rototiller is a rather specialized piece of garden equipment and popular amongst users with 87% of the people who purchased it giving it a rating of 5. So clearly the majority of users are happy with their purchase.

People who use this rototiller are generally impressed with its overall performance realizing it is not really for hard ground, although some users have put it to work in hard areas like “bald” patches in their lawns to scuff up the soil for reseeding, and found it does a good job.

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troybilt rototiller

Troy-Bilt TB154 Garden Rototiller

Most users of the Troy-bilt Garden Rototiller were very happy with their purchase judging by the reviews we looked at. On average 83% graded it a five and 5% graded it a four meaning 88% of those who use this rototiller are happy with its performance.

The Troy-Bilt garden rototiller seems reliable and very capable of doing most tilling jobs in a garden well. There are reports of people using the rototiller for periods of 6-7 hours with breaks about every hour or so, and the rototiller didn’t miss a beat.

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sun joe rototiller

Sun Joe TJ600E Garden Rototiller

Best Rototillers Reviews
The Sun Joe Garden Rototiller is a popular brand of tiller with 85% of users rating it a 5 and followed by 25% rating it a 4, so 92% of people who use this tiller were happy with its performance.

Users found the assembly of the Sun Joe garden rototiller to be pretty easy and appreciated the detailed manual that has very clear instructions. Most users were surprised with the power of the tiller and those who had done a bit of research liked the wide spacing of the cutting tines. Some users made the helpful comment that it is important to use a heavy duty extension cord to reduce the risk of engine over heating – 12 gauge is good.

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mantis rototiller

Mantis 7250-00-02 3-Speed Garden Rototiller

Garden Rototillers
The Mantis garden rototiller has a large fan club which is mirrored in the ratings it is receiving. We found 67% rated it at five and 20% rated it a four, meaning 87% of the users were happy with the performance of this tiller.

Most found it easy to install, times ranging from 20-45 minutes (both male and female) and positive comments were made about the clear instructions. Users also like the fact that you could lift the Mantis garden rototiller with one hand as it was light and well balanced. A point of caution was that you must use a heavy rated extension cord of 12 gauge. This will ensure the engine will not overheat.

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yard machines rototiller

Yard Machines 121R Gas Garden Rototiller

Garden Tiller
Well I have to say the responses from people who own a Yard Machines Gas Garden Rototiller are a bit 50:50. Of the reviews we looked at only 24% gave it a five rating and an equal number a four, meaning that less than half of the people who purchased the rototiller were happy with its performance.

I mean there were those who thought it did an OK job, although most said it was very noisy. One reviewer got a personal complaint from an irate neighbor.

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